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Kulturlabor Stromboli

The Kulturlabor Stromboli is a cultural venue in Hall in Tirol, small town situated near to the Innsbruck. The venue was established in 1989 by active youth with aim to connect local artist and to promote cultural events in the region. Nowdays, with more than 100 events over the year is Stromboli still one of the most diverse culture and creative hubs in this area and is well known throughout Austria. At a regional level the Kulturlabor Stromboli works as an local artistic platform.  Thanks to rich variety of program, guests are able to  choose from concerts, parties, theatre thorugh cabarets, literature readings and other special and open air events. For families it offers very popular children´s program on a regular basis. Beside, we run a coffee-bar, which has grown in reputation over the years and it has became a base camp for thriving youth scene.


Hall in Tirol

Hall is a small town with around 13,500 inhabitants and it lays in the middle of the Inn valley around 10km East of the main city in Tyrol, Innsbruck.  Thanks to its location, Hall is  favourite destination for visitors coming from all around the world, both in summer and winter alike. The old beautiful tasteful architecture in the old town of Hall give you a glimpse of the importance of Hall throughout the history of Austria.  Going right back to the middle ages, Hall was one of the most important economic centres in North Tyrol through the trade in Salt.  Today Hall is a pulsing small town, which streets are filled with small shops, cafes and bars and since 2002 it has also became also a university town. Surrounded by beutiful mountains, Hall offers a wide range of free time activities from sports and nature as well as cultural highlights in which Kulturlabor Strombolli plays a large role.  For an even broader range of activities Innsbruck is very quickly and easily accessible with public transport in almost 20 mins.



Project description

Our EVS volunteer is involved in almost all the processes related to everyday operation of independent cultural venue. They sell tickets before the events, they distribute posters, prepare guest room or catering for artists, help us at the coffe-bar. Other activities depends on mutual discussion and on the individual preferences, background and profile of the volunteer. He/she can develop his own activity which makes sense and fits with our programme. During 11 months spent in our organisation, the volunteer can gain unique experience for people who would like to continue working in the independent cultural field. We are looking for a person who will actively look for new tasks and activities if he will be idle. Kulturlabor Stromboli welcomed its first volunteer António from Portugal in Septemper 2016. He afforced our team in different fields, like social media, editing photos, helping at the bar and preparation of the events. 2017 Juliana from Slovakia has taken his place and we were really happy to have had her joining us for 11 months. In the current period Andrés from Spain is experiencing living in Tyrol and working at Stromboli! It is a wonderful exchanging experience for him and also for the whole population living in Hall.

Period for the next voluntary service is: 10th of September 2019 to the 30th of July 2020, 10 months.


We offer:

  •     Comfortable working environment in a small friendly and crazy team.
  •     Many options to listen to concerts and enjoy cultural events.
  •     Help with everyday questions and queries.
  •     An apartment or a room in a students home.
  •     Dining Money 260€ /month and 115€/pocket money.
  •     German course.
  •     Ticket for public transport.
  •     Many opportunities for conversational German language practice.
  •     Experience in many different and varied areas of work.
  •     Opportunities for proactively working in creative projects.



  •    General office duties (general organisation, editing fotos and videos, filing, computer work).
  •    Working with social media and other new media forms.
  •    Assisting in communication and PR.
  •    Supporting with the organising and implementation of individual events.
  •    Assisting in all areas of the bar.
  •    Children´s events: helping with workshops and working on school projects.
  •    Working with refugees.
  •    Working with people from 2 - 99 years old.
  •   We only take volunteers from EU COUNTRIES plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein


Our volunteers



Hallo everyone ! I´m Camille, coming directly from France. Like many of you, I´ve always wanted to live abroad in order to experience new things and meet new people. For me, Stromboli is definitely the best place to do it: I´ve been in the musical field for some years now so I was very attracted by the project. And what a joy! Everything is even better than expected: concerts, readings, theater... a great diversity of events within a place with such a welcoming and outstanding team. I´ve met such big-hearted people, worked in an exciting environment and I´ve always felt exactly where I should be. Tyrolean culture, food and landscapes are the icing on the cake. Danke für alles!


Snehiddy Karina Maldonado Martinez

March 2019 to July 2019

This is Snehiddy Karina, from Galicia-spain, and a traveler soul. Since many years ago I have wanted to join the European program for voluntaring, and in December I got the chance to join this charming, interesting and exciting organisation. I spent one of the best experiences of my life in Stromboli, in Hall in Tirol. Become a community and be part of them it's the first aim. For sure I will come back, because home is home, and the strombolians people are my family and home. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity.






Sept. 2018 to March 2019

Hi! I’m Meis and I come from Galiza, Spain. After searching among many projects for some time, I found Stromboli to be the perfect place to do my EVS. I’ve always been into cultural scene, and specially music. So the opportunity of working in a cultural venue like this is priceless for me. The great variety of events; from music concerts to children theater or literature readings; creates the perfect atmosphere, the perfect boiling pot for creativity to arise. This, together with the Stromboli team members and its usual guests, all of them helpful, welcoming and friendly, makes of this place the perfect spot to have an outstanding voluntary experience.




Sept. 2017 to Juli 2018

Hi, everyone! I am 24 years old open-minded student of arts management. After great experience from my abroad study exchange I have decided for EVS. I have browsed databases and collected information about available EVS options for couple of month and then I decided for Kulturlabor Stromboli as a perfect place for me. Why? I find Stromboli as a unique place, where creativity mixed with enthusiasm and it has got an important role in the country, not just for local community. Lot of valuable friendships and contacts can be made here, so whole experience can help me to expand cultural network and gain new load of inspiration for projects. Even better, that it can come directly with possibility to realize them. Beside, Kulturlabor Stromboli provides space to create positive social changes and the whole experience can enrich me as a person and also as a future professional in culture sector... plus, improvement of my German language skills is priceless.



Sept. 2016 to Juli 2017

Olá! My name is Antonio and I come from Portugal. I was an EVS volunteer in Stromboli during years 2016/2017. Thanks to this project I have meet lots of amazing people, went to great shows and concerts, and learned and experienced the Tyrolean culture. Big thanks to all members of Stromboli team and guests. who always made me feel welcomed! Oachkatzlschwiederschauen!



Application form - Deadline: 1.2.2019

Deadline finished, next period will start in january 2020.

Bringing new ideas on the board is the motto of the organisation. We expect that the art and culture is volunteer's passion and previous experiences are very welcome but not completely necessary. The will to learn new things and help with ongoing activities is obligatory. We believe that this cultural exchange will bring new cultural adventures to our centre, so don't hesitate to join us. Stromboli is a real bubbling cultural volcano situated in the middle of the Alps!! If you are intereseted to become the next volunteer from Kulturlabor Stromboli, please fill in the form.  Period for the next voluntary service is: 10th of September 2019 to the 30th of July 2020, 10 months.




Unterstütze das Stromboli ...

... und lass die leeren Kassen trotz Corona klingeln mit:


  • einem fiktiven Bier
  • einer fiktiven Eintrittskarte zu einer Veranstaltung, die es eventuell auf Facebook und Instagram virtuell gibt
  • einem fiktiven Schmiergeld (um für eine ausverkaufte Veranstaltung doch noch eine Eintrittskarte zu bekommen)


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