Dance theater piece by Ceren Oran
Ceren Oran, Roni Sagi, Tuncay Acar, Magdalena Kriss (D)

After the great success of "Tell me ...", the end of Feber was seen in Stromboli and aroused great enthusiasm among young and old, the Munich-based dancer Ceren Oran comes to Hall with another wonderful dance theater piece.

Dance, puppetry and live music are the ingredients of "Elephant from the Egg", in which four performers accompany an elephant through life and are constantly confronted with new challenges: Percussion and flute, rhythm of life and melody seduce the young audience from their everyday lives into a world in which an elephant hatches from the egg, into a world full of fantasy, into a world in which dreams can fly, a play about growing up and unfolding, about change and friendships that make the impossible possible.

Artistic direction, choreography, dance: Ceren Oran
Choreography, puppetry and design: Roni Sagi
Music and vocals: Tuncay Acar, Magdalena Kriss


{Youtube} vyJfiVlb8m8 {/ youtube}

Ticket reservations

Sold out, no reservation possible.





Monday, 09.12.19
Start: 10:00
Duration: approx. 45 min


further performances

Sun 08.12.19 ·  15:00 clock



Kulturlabor Stromboli
Krippgasse 11
6060 Hall in Tyrol



EUR 6.00 (price for kindergarten, accompanying persons free)
seats, free choice of seats


Recommended age


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